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Mail/Phone Order Solutions
No matter the size of your mail/phone order business, Merchant Card Processing from Premier Payment Processing has a solution to fit your specific needs and help you fulfill your customers' orders faster and more efficiently. If you already have your own equipment and are looking for a new service provider, find out about our merchant-owned equipment solution.
Mail/Phone Order Dial Pay
Mail/Phone Order Basic
Mail/Phone Order Broadband
Mail/Phone Order PC Software
Who it's for
Mail/phone order businesses that process 10 or fewer transactions per week
Mail/phone order businesses that need basic card processing
Mail/phone order businesses that want the choice of using dial-up or broadband, as well as expanded terminal functions and options
Mail/phone order businesses that want to process cards through their computer system
Equipment required
Hypercom T7 Plus

VeriFone Vx570
Hypercom Optimum T4100

VeriFone Vx570
POS Partner 2000 transaction processing software

PC requirements
Key solution features
No new equipment required

Processes transactions by phone
Fast transaction processing
Allows you to use a broadband or dial-up connection

Choice of 2 terminals

Fast transaction processing
Allows you to use a broadband or dial-up connection

Processes transactions faster and more efficiently than terminals

Comprehensive reporting, including customer database tracking
Additional payment options & optional features
No additional options available
Check guarantee

Check conversion

Gift cards and prepaid cards (available for Hypercom T7 Plus only)
Check guarantee (Vx570 only)

Check conversion (Vx570 only)

Gift cards and prepaid cards
(Vx570 only)
Stand-alone and multi-user LAN versions available
Purchasing card
Level II
Level II
Level II
Level II standard

Additional applet required for Level III
Transaction capacity (per batch)
Recommended for businesses that process 10 or fewer transactions per week
Hypercom T7 Plus: 500 transactions
Hypercom Optimum T4100: 500 transactions

Vx570: 500 transactions
999 transactions
Broadband or dial-up
Broadband or dial-up
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